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Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Did you grow up with holiday traditions? Thanksgiving for many means time with family and eating a huge meal. However, it’s okay to create your own traditions. Whether it be to travel, spend it with family, or stay home and celebrate with your immediate family only, make your little ones feel involved. My favorite way of getting my toddler involved is allowing him to help with the meal. Best wishes to all!

I CARES and You Should Too

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
The process of traveling with little ones simply feels daunting at times. We have traveled a lot as a family and installing the car seat on an airplane is one of the tasks we dread most. As a child safety advocate and nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, I am a firm believer in car seat safety in vehicles and even on airplanes.

On the other hand, I am a parent and empathize with anyone who has to carry on and install a car seat on an airplane. Car seats are heavy and depending on the aircraft, they are not always easy to install. I can recall one flight in which couldn’t properly install our car seat because the seat was too small. The airline industry is also using smaller planes in order to fill every seat and save money, making it more difficult to install a big bulky car seat. Let’s not even get into the difficulty of trying to monitor an active toddler while you struggle to install a car seat. Thankfully, there is a solution!

CARES is a child restraint system designed to keep children age 1 or older weighing between 22 to 44 pounds safe during flights, yet convenient for parents. CARES weighs just 1 pound and is incredibly easy to install, even for the super uncoordinated person like me.

Children should be harnessed in an airplane until at least 40 pounds so they need to be in a car seat or CARES harness. CARES attaches to the airplane seat and connects with the seatbelt. It is made of high quality webbing just like the airplane seat belt making it incredibly safe and durable.

Keep in mind that it may be difficult for a smaller child to see out of the airplane window as with a car seat because using CARES, the child sits directly on the airplane seat. However, CARES makes traveling much more pleasant for you, the parent. You can gate check your car seat and save your back simply by placing CARES in your carry-on bag.

Gone are the days of carrying a big bulky carseat on an airplane. With all the extra space you save, you can bring a few toys to keep your toddler entertained! Also, if you are feeling less stressed, your child will too. Traveling with one car seat is a struggle, and multiple seats is enough to make your want to just stay home! CARES truly makes flying simpler for families with small children.


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Creme de la Chick

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You've designed your nursery layout, ordered the furniture, and even chosen the paint color. All you need is to deck those walls! Something classic and timeless would go perfect right?

Baby Chick Designs has created just that! Choose from a variety of classic themes from ballerina to safari for a creme de la chick nursery.
The designs are brainstormed, drawn and painted right here in Houston, Texas by artist Harriet Babchick. Baby Chick Designs offers canvas reproductions and fine art prints making it possible for everyone to have a beautiful nursery. Using only the highest quality lead-free printing techniques, the art is sure to last for generations to come.
Want to Baby Chick your nursery walls? Receive 10% off your entire order using Premier10. Offer expires 12/31/2011.

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The Big Buy Back

Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Halloween is over and you let you children splurge a little. Now, what do you do with all that leftover candy? Check out this fantastic program, Halloween Buy Back. It supports Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends care packages to U.S. Military.

The website makes it super easy to find a Halloween Buy Back program near you. Just enter your zip code! Check out http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/ for more details.

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